Santa Maria Novella

Vellutina Cream Soap

145 kr

Soap enriched with our Idralia cream. It replenishes the skin with intensive moisturization.

Soaps produced by Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella are obtained through a particular process which starts in a kneading machine in which the soap is placed in the form of shavings and scented oils. All is amalgamated until it becomes a homogeneous paste. Afterwards the soap is left to season in a ventilated cabinet for about 1 month. This lets the soap mature dispelling excess moisture. At this point the soap is ready for packaging. Each soap bar, after being carefully checked, is wrapped by hand.

Perfume and Pharmaceutical Officine of Santa Maria Novella is a luxury apothecary in Florence, Italy, credited with being the oldest pharmacy in the world.

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