Kenzo striped trouser

150 kr 850 kr

Kenzo striped trouser with unusual dual side closure with double buttons for adjustability, leading to side pockets. Material is a black woven base, with brown and v narrow red solid additional stripes and white fleck stripe. Waistband has 5 belt loops, there are two pleats at the front, and two patch pockets at the back both with angled large flap closures. Leg length is slightly cropped and has vent opening at the outer seam. There is slight wear at the top of the pocket openings, into the waistband but this is not noticeable when worn. 

Size: 38   Measurements:waist when laid flat in half 33cm, leg length (inseam) 62.5cm

Material: 100% cotton

Handpicked in Italy 

 Every one of our vintage pieces has been carefully selected and curated. We try to guarantee the best quality, however some items may come with minor flaws.

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