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GEORGE F. MACIUNAS, Diagram of Historical Development of Fluxus

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George Maciunas was an influential Lithunian artist, designer and publisher. He is credited as the founder and figurehead of the Fluxus movement, a network of artists, composers and performers working 'in and in-between' the fields of music, theatre and art in the '60s and '70s. Here his Diagram of Historical Development of Fluxus and Other 4 Dimentional, Aural, Optic, Olfactory, Epithelial and Tactile Art Forms (first published in 1979 in the Swedish magazine Kaleidoskop), is reproduced as a poster and sleeve along with its two original accompanying essays by Mats B. The diagram outlines the movement from 1961 through to 1973 while situating it within a wider cultural and art historical spectrum, while the essays (one in English, one in Swedish) summarise the movement.

        Published by 
Primary Information, 
    24.2 × 16 cm, Softcover, 2015

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