Francesca Burattelli “Una Voce Poco Fa – The Language of Singing”

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A thesis on the performativity of the voice and the way text is received, when being sung.

From the statement that melody interferes with text by ap- pealing to feelings, establishing a sentimental experience for the listener that distracts him/her from the textual value.

The research touches upon phonetics, neurological patterns and the historical tendency to denominate melody as femi- nine and text as masculine. Regardless it’s gender, the singing voice has a performative body and this implicates a presence that tends to overshadow the textual. The question raised is therefore — how is it possible to remove this ego from the voice, so to leave space for the textual experience without any connotations to the body delivering the text, nevertheless maintaining the melodic element?

- Language: english.
- Published by Insula École in collaboration with KLD Repro.
- Graphic design by Till Hormann.