About Arianne

About Arianne Lattice Glacial Sandals

1.600 kr

Sandal in  leather with vegetable lining and sole. The heel of 4,5 cm is lined with the same leather. The heel is also padded for greater confort.

- Non slip sole.

- Made in Spain.

About Arianne is a slow-fashion footwear brand conceived and established in Barcelona by founding members Ariadna Guirado and Ernest Vidal.

The shoes are 100% Made in Spain, manufactured on site in Elche and developed at brand’s local studio headquarters in Poble Nou, Barcelona.

About Arianne believes in quality, comfort and design as equal values of their work.

QUALITY – by sourcing high quality natural leathers and the best materials, crafted with traditional skills and working under the concept of slow-fashion (quality over quantity), About Arianne are a testament to both versatility and longevity.

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