Florist NYC

Western Bucket Bag in Black

3.900 kr

The Florist Bucket Bag is part of our signature collection. Each item is made specifically to order and handcrafted entirely within New York City, allowing for a one-of-a-kind item. The Bucket bag takes a basic utilitarian form and gives it character, through the use of Free-hand chain stitch embroidery.


  • 200g Drum dyed cowhide in black.
  • Hand Chain Stitch Embroidery.
  • Hand Sewn Leather Handles.

- Dimensions ~ 34cm x 33cm x 13cm.

- Materials: 100% leather.

- Made in New York City.

Florist is a contemporary label defined by a single pursuit: To accentuate and elevate the ordinary. Embracing an approach of refined nuance, Florist combines conventional silhouettes with contemporary designs to create the sublime. Each piece bursts with its own unique complexity and character—telling its own individual story.

By adopting the aesthetics and quality iconic of both heritage and nouveau fashion, Florist conceives something entirely new; Embodying not only personality and depth but the jovialness of simplicity.

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